AICCPO is an entirely different and unique organization which has been formulated to render its selfless services and contribution to eradicate crime and corruption from the country at large. We all know that the present Indian society is suffering from the ills of nepotism, sectarianism, regionalism, communalism etc. which are responsible for bringing India at the threshold of separatism. All these are spoiling the age-old social fabric of our country. We had always taken pride in ‘Unity in Diversity ‘ which is now at stake. Due to lack of ideological and unethical political practices the three main organs of the government namely the legislature, executive and judiciary have become utterly corrupted, unfair and crippled and have given rise to innumerable socially evil elements. We all are affected by these elements but there is no such effective cure to check them.At this juncture of political and social scenario, AICCPO provides a socially committed platform to serve the nation to uproot all these anti-social elements.We would be thankfully obliged if we get support of the masses to strengthen our mission and cleanse the evils of the society. Mode of Action Helping and supporting the affected people / organizations in democratic way.