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  1. AICCPO is an entirely different and unique organization which has been formulated to render its selfless services and contribution to eradicate crime and corruption from the country at large.

    Balram Singh Insan [Chairman]

  2. We are living in the period where corruption in every aspect is in its full swing . It has rooted very strongly and has become a havoc for democracy . If listed then there are various factors responsible for that but the major one is failure of administrative system in the view of not rendering their duties and services by the persons who are accountable . and other a very important reason is that people are not aware of what, they can do to uproot this social evil ( corruption) from the society therefore to aware the common citizen of india. All India Crime and Corruption Prevention Organisation has been set up. To accomplish fruitful result.cooperation of every Indian citizen is requsite.                Hindi version

    Ch.Arvind kumar advocate [Director General]

Bhanu Prakash Sharma [Vice Chairman]
Ram Babu Singh [General Secetry]
Mahesh Chand Varma [Treasurer]
Ram Poojan Tiwari [Director General Admin]
Narendra Singh [Office Incharge]

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